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Request for a Proposal (RFP)

When is the last time your endowment, foundation, or church issued a request for a proposal (RFP) to an investment advisor for your endowment funds?

Nonprofits need partners with deep expertise, access to market intelligence, and aligned interests to help them meet their investment, spending, governance, and fundraising challenges. The need for philanthropic resources is highest during periods of market stress.

Endowment Wealth Management® serves our Endowment and Foundation clients as an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) which allows your board members and staff to focus on your organization’s mission by combining an institutional investment platform with specialized services. Trustees are challenged by the complexity of asset management, fiduciary responsibilities, and their organizations operational needs. With Endowment Wealth Management® as a partner your organization receives a dedicated OCIO team of knowledgeable asset management professionals. We operate as a fiduciary partner and act as an extension of the board, trustees, committees, and staff to effectively manage assets and navigate risk.

Is your charitable organization looking for a new investment advisor or need help creating an RFP?

Fill out the form below and indicate whether you would like us to participate in your RFP and or provide a downloadable sample RFP.

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    Our mission is to help clients, including our charitable foundations, create a 3-D asset allocation that incorporates alternatives or liquid alternatives depending on the size of the account. Our objective is to help our clients adjust their portfolio asset allocation to the upper-left quadrant along the efficient frontier by optimizing risk adjusted return. Learn how our 3-D Endowment Investment Philosophy® can help achieve your charitable organization's goals today.

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