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Our Trust Account Investment Management

Learn About Independent Trust Management!

Independent Fee-Only Fiduciary Trust Advice

Our firm serves as an independent fee-only fiduciary investment advice to family trusts. By partnering with Fiduciary Partners, an independent corporate trustee that provides professional trust administration and master custody services, we provide a fully integrated outsourced private trust management solution.

As the independent investment advisor, we apply our 3-Dimensional Endowment Investment Philosophy®, which combines three tiers of passive, active and illiquid private investment allocations across three broad asset types (global equities, global income and alternatives). This flexibility allows us to manage trust assets and potentially increase income available for trust beneficiaries!

Our Independent Trust Model

Your Big Bank's Trust Model

Our independent trust model utilizes many different professionals, each with their own independence which eliminates the conflict of interest inherent within your Big Bank’s closed architecture model.

Endowment Wealth Management serves as the independent investment advisor and we employ independent third party money managers.

In contrast, your Big Bank’s closed architecture model creates numerous conflicts of interest. The trust administrator, investment advisor, trustee and all others in charge of administering the trust are under the jurisdiction of the same entity, your Big Bank.

Non-Bank Corporate Trustee

Fiduciary Standard of Care

Endowment Wealth Management and Fiduciary Partners both serve as fiduciaries and place beneficiary interests first and foremost! We work for you!

Professionals Focused on Your Family

A team of dedicated fee-only fiduciary advisors who are committed to your family's legacy and providing you with personalized family trust services that meets your needs.

Personalized & Objective Trust Service Relationships

We provide: Independent trustee, independent investment advisor, independent world-class money managers and more importantly, personalized portfolio construction and long-term family relationships!

Bank Trust Departments

Conflicts of Interest

As Big Banks get larger and larger, your local trust account is managed at the corporate level using a closed architecture that provides no personalization nor independence!

Impersonal Relationship

Big Banks get acquired and look at your family trust as a bank account number and not a long-term commitment and personal family relationship!

Standardized Trust Portfolio Services

Big Bank trust departments are built on providing standardized, cookie-cutter portfolios managed by their own investment department. Thus, you do not have access to independent money manager expertise or personalized portfolio construction.

Endowment Wealth Management

Steps to Transfer Your Trust

Get Started

Step one in transferring your trust is to receive your free family wealth consultation. We will review your current family trust document and bank trust portfolio and provide a detailed recommendation.

Step two is officially firing the former Big Bank trustee. All current family trust beneficiaries agree in writing to transfer the existing bank trust account.

Step three involves hiring a new independent trust company, such as Fiduciary Partners, to administer the existing trust and Endowment Wealth Management as investment advisor to manage your family’s wealth and legacy for generations to come.

We guide you through the entire process – making it seamless and simple.

If your Big Bank treats you like an account number, it’s time to say good-bye!

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The information on this page is for informational purposes only and should not be considered personalized investment or tax advice.  Investing involves risks, including, but not limited to long-term investing risk and potential loss of capital.  Endowment Wealth Management is not making any specific recommendations that investors should or should not participate in investments.  Investors should always consult with a registered investment adviser and tax accountant to determine if any particular investment and its corresponding tax impact is appropriate for their personal circumstances. Not insured. Not Guaranteed. May Lose Money.