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Protect Your Cash with $25 Million FDIC Insurance Coverage

Cantor Fitzgerald's FDIC Insured Cash Management Program is a simple solution designed to enhance the return and provide 100x the FDIC insurance protection of a single bank.

$100,000 minimum initial deposit.

4.84% APY*

effective September 5, 2023

Cash Management Program Highlights

Safety | Liquidity | Yield

Endowment Wealth Management has partnered with Cantor Fitzgerald & StoneCastle to offer cash management solutions through the "CF Cash" program.

CF Cash is designed specifically to help maximize the earning potential of your cash while providing a high level of FDIC insurance to protect your assets.

CF Cash can be an ideal solution for individuals, businesses, foundations & endowments that maintain high balances of cash for working capital, distribution needs, or for future investment.


Increased FDIC Insurance

Achieve FDIC insurance coverage up to $25M for individual/business, $50M for joint accounts, and up to $100M per tax ID (at lower APY).


Same day deposits, next day liquidity with no transaction fee, or redemption gates.

Improve your Yield

Potentially higher yielding alternative to bank and brokerage accounts. StoneCastle continually shops for the highest yielding rates in it's network of 900 depository institutions.

Simple & Elegant

A single sign-on allows you to see all current accounts. A consolidated 1099 makes tax reporting easy.

*Minimum initial deposit for the program is $100,000.

To learn more, please email Senior Wealth Advisor & CF Relationship Manager, John Weninger, at, or schedule a 15-minute phone call to discuss your cash situation.

*4.84% APY for assets up to $1M. Assets >$1M currently 4.05% APY as of September 5, 2023. Subject to fluctuate with interest rate changes.

EWM makes available to clients the Cantor Fitzgerald Insured Cash Program (“CF Cash”, both directly and through its affiliates, including ETF Model Solutions, LLC,, and Global Alternative Investment Management LLC. The CF Cash program is offered by StoneCastle Network, LLC (“StoneCastle”), an affiliate of StoneCastle Cash Management, LLC. The CF Cash program allows customers the ability to protect their money by placing it in deposit accounts at banks, savings institutions and credit unions (collectively, “Insured Depositories”) in a manner that maintains full insurance of the funds by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (“FDIC”) or National Credit Union Administration (“NCUA”), whichever is applicable. Funds will be deposited within StoneCastle’s network of Insured Depositories (“Deposit Network”). Cantor Fitzgerald requires $100,000.00 minimum deposit to open a CF Cash account. Endowment Wealth Management will assist clients in signing up for this program and facilitating the transfer of funds between the client’s like-named accounts. Endowment Wealth Management receives a 10-basis point administration fee from StoneCastle based on client assets that participate in this program and such fee will reduce the yield that you may otherwise receive for your deposits in the CF Cash Program. The receipt by EWM of the administrative fee creates a conflict of interest because it incentivizes EWM to make the CF Cash program available to clients instead of other cash management programs. EWM mitigates this conflict of interest by disclosing it to clients. EWM is not acting as your investment advisor in connection with CF Cash or any information contained herein. Endowment Wealth Management, Inc. is an investment adviser registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Registration with the SEC does not imply a particular level of skill or training. For additional disclosures, see EWM’s Form CRS and ADV Brochure Part 2A

StoneCastle has represented that it has implemented internal controls and procedures reasonably designed to detect and reduce operational and other risks of CF Cash. Such risks exist with any financial instrument, and may arise from a number of factors, including, but not limited to, human error, misconduct, failed or inadequate processes, technology or systems failures or breaches, processing and communication errors, or failures to comply with applicable laws and regulations, in each case by StoneCastle, its custodian, or any of their respective employees, agents or service providers. The measures implemented by StoneCastle may not detect or fully address every possible risk or failure. Full insurance of the funds deposited in CF Cash may therefore not be available in the event any such failures impact or prevent the proper placement or allocation of funds into the insured depository institutions or StoneCastle’s continued compliance with the requirements of FDIC or NCUA insurance coverage. CFIA and EWM make no assurances as to the effectiveness of such measures or the performance of StoneCastle, the custodian or their respective employees, agents, or service providers.