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Preserving Your Mental Health

By April 2, 2020No Comments

The challenges we all face today are unique and significant. The Coronavirus has unleashed uncertainty, economic pain and shelter-in-place for much of the population. Any one of those alone can impact our mental health; the combination of all three can wreak havoc on us.

It is completely normal to experience feelings of loneliness, fear and anxiety during these unprecedented times. We may not be able to control the initial feelings, but we can control our internal dialogue. What we tell ourselves and what actions we take each day can either alleviate or intensify the negative feelings.

We can all protect our mental health by focusing on things that we can control. There is no sense worrying incessantly about those things we cannot control. We accept our situation as fact and figure out what we can do to make the most of the situation. Finding joy isn’t so much about our circumstance as it is in the actions we take.

Choosing to act, rather than be acted upon, supports a healthy mindset. I have included a list of actions that may be helpful:

  • Turn off/take a break from the news and social media
  • Continue your daily habits/routines to the extent you are able
  • Adjust to new shopping options and try a home delivery service
  • Exercise, walk, stretch – get the blood flowing
  • Perform an act of service for someone else, checkup on a friend
  • Think purposely about today; accomplish something each day
  • Appreciate the simple things in life, count your blessings

I included several actions that have to do with our individual self-care. Yet, one of the most powerful ways we can feel good is to forget ourselves and do something nice for someone else. Whether that is mailing a card, dropping off some cookies or just talking with someone and lifting their spirits. For some reason whenever we serve another person, we are usually the ones that benefit the most.

Rest assured, the Endowment Wealth Management professional team is diligently working from their homes and our office, to manage your portfolio and we remain focused on achieving your personal long-term goals! So please stay healthy – both physically and mentally!

Robert L. Riedl, CPA, CFP®, AWMA®

CEO & Director of Wealth Management